5 Tips to Help You Regenerate Yourself and Lose Weight without Dieting!

1. Eat more fat

Eating fat won’t make you fat. Limiting or taking fat out of your diet will actually more often make you gain weight than lose it.

Low fat diets and low fat products won’t give you a satisfied feeling and eventually you will eat more of a low-fat product than of a regular product.

Also remember that when you eat ‘light’ products, the fat that is taken out has to be replaced by an additive to keep the consistency, taste and structure of the product. That additive is often not so healthy for your body and isn’t nutritious.

 Eating more fat will keep you more satisfied during the day and will make you want to eat less.

No, we don’t want you to start munching on a clump of butter. Just remember that not all fats are the same and not all fats are bad!

When you eat the right fats it will actually boost your health. Omega-3 fatty acids can help fight inflammation in your body, maintain eye health and impove mental well-being.
(Read more about the benefits of Omega-3s here) 

To have sufficient ‘good’ fats in your system, approximately 20 to 35 percent of your daily intake should be from fats and this is where Omega-3s come in... 
As they contain the much needed unsaturated fats for your body, you have to make sure to 
eat plenty of healthy omega-3 fats in particular, just like the ones in salmon and other fatty fish, olive oil, sunflower oil, nuts, avocados, ...

Omega-3 rich food JellyFish

If you find it hard to make sure that you eat enough of these good fats, then get your doses of healthy fats here.

2. Straighten your back

I can hear my mom say it over and over again: “Don’t slouch and straighten your back

Often, without realizing, we don’t have the best posture and it can make your body look even more out of shape (Yes! Even more! ;) ). It can have a bad effect on your muscles as some get weaker and others will become over-stressed and tight.

You might have noticed that you see quite a few people walking around with their chin sticking forward a bit and with a hollow back, which makes their buttocks and tummy stick out more.

If this is the case for you too, then try this....

  • Open your shoulders and relax them.
  • Tuck your chin in a bit.  
  • Pull in your belly button. 
  • Tuck in your pelvis. 

JellyFish Posture

The goal is to make your head, neck, hips and feet to be aligned. Feels a bit weird in the beginning, but you will see it is not just a way to make you do all kinds of weird positions in front of the mirror, they actually do help! :)

If, in the meanwhile, you also pull your belly button towards your rib cage, you will engage your core actively. Now do this no matter what you are doing and you will be training your abs extra. 
(Make sure you are still breathing though. Don’t hold your breath while doing this, you only want to pull in that belly button, not make yourself pass out...)

3. Add an extra piece of fruit or vegetables to every meal

Vegetables and fruit are not exactly the ‘go to’ food group for most people, but in the JellyFish Life, we do try to make small changes to make it part of your meals more often...

When you pick this tweak, try the following. Eat preferably half (or minimum a third) of every meal as vegetables or fruit. It can seem a bit daunting at first, but it is all about getting creative with it.

Start one meal at a time and see how you can add veggies or fruit to it, until you have a third of them with every meal and then try to bring it up to half of your meal.

4. You need your zzzzzzz’s!

Sleep has an image problem... Some of you might think it is a waste of time and that sleeping is for lazy people, but it is everything but...

You need your sleep, it is essential to good health and being fit and strong!

Sleep JellyFish You need your zzzzzzz's

Adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep consistently. Sleep is really not an option, a lack of sleep can lead to all sorts of small physical and mental problems, but also bigger ones like heart disease, stroke, cancer, obesity, depression or even dementia. 

Next to that, not enough sleep often equals a lack of character and strength to resist that tempting slice of chocolate cake or that greasy burger. Shortage in sleep will make you indulge more in sugary and fatty food, your energy levels will drop and you will gain weight.

5. Park your car a bit further away

Sounds random and people keep saying it, but a big problem of our time is that we have too much of a sedentary lifestyle. You probably can’t help it, but you have to be realistic about it, daily life isn’t as active as it used to be. Our grandparents and great-grandparents used to do more physical jobs, they walked or cycled to their destinations more and didn’t eat as much rich food as we do. 

One of the ways to break this pattern is to add more ‘walking-time’ in your day and because not everyone has the time nor the will to go exercising after work, parking your car further from your destination is an easy and efficient way to get to to walk a little bit more. 
Quite often it is even a bit cheaper, because the closer you get to a city center or high street the more expensive the parking rate is, so double win! 
At the supermarket for example you can park your car a bit further from the entrance and besides the fact that you will walk a little extra, it is often less crowdy and you find parking easier, plus it only takes a few minutes extra, so it won’t take a big chunk out of your day. 


There you go, try to add these 5 tips to your daily life and you are getting closer to regenerating yourself to that body you like. It doesn’t always have to be spectacular and instant, sometimes long term goals and changes are the best way.


Read more how you can regenerate yourself with our JellyFish Tweaks for Life here.

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