A glass a day keeps the doctor away...?

Had a great start to your weekend too?
Maybe you had a fun night at the pub Friday night, or a nice and calm evening in, or perhaps you went out for a lush meal at your favourite restaurant. 
Either way, you might have started it off with a glass of wine or beer to chill after another busy week. 
(We sure do hope so! ;) )

It’s tiring to read a new “finding” about the effects of alcohol every other week telling you that alcohol is good or terribly bad for you. 
If you are not a great fan of alcohol, then you will not be as familiar with the dilemma, but if you like a glass of alcohol once in while you must have wondered before about the ancient old question:

Is alcohol ‘the bad guy’ or is it good for your health to have a glass of alcohol once in a while?


Some say it crushes your health and diet goals, others say that for example a glass of red wine is healthy for your heart... 

Here at JellyFish we do like a glass of wine with our meal or a fresh beer after a long day, but as with everything we do believe that moderation is very important when it comes to having a tipple once in a while, definitely when you are trying to get back in to shape, and therefore we dedicated one of our 10 Tweaks For Life to it, so it can help you to 'Become The Best You' again.


JellyFish Tweak 5.2: A glass a day keeps the doctor away!

Wrong? Or not completely... 
A nice glass of wine or a cool beer... Who doesn’t love a nice aperitif or a nice tipple after work to unwind? 

There are so many different opinions and different studies about the effects of alcohol, the amount and the frequency, so it is not easy to see the wood through the trees. 
Some say we shouldn’t consume alcohol at all, others say a glass a day is the way to good health. 
The JellyFish Life is all about regenerating yourself in a moderate and consistent way and although this is not the easiest tweak to look into, we do have a number of tips for you...

Did you know that a glass of alcohol has the same calorie count as a slice of cake?

JellyFish Tweak for Life 

So if you think of that next glass of wine as if you are munching on a slice of cake each time, it puts things in a different perspective. 

Next to the sugars you add when drinking alcohol, there is another catch about consuming alcohol. 

As it happens, your body can’t store calories from alcohol for later like it does with food, so when you drink your favourite tipple, your metabolic system will focus on burning the alcohol-calories and the calories of your last meal will be stored away in your body and will be turned into fat. You technically put your body on ‘pause’ as it has to burn alcohol first over anything else you digest. 
Therefore it is not only the sugar in alcohol that can make you gain weight, but it will also make your body less efficient and it won’t burn the amount of calories as it would without the alcohol.

Now, without being a spoilsport and with ‘The JellyFish Life’ in mind, you don’t want to deny yourself the enjoyment of having a glass here and there, but it might be good to think about how many times you actually drink alcohol and to try and cut the frequency and/or the amount you consume.

For example, what you can try is to drink no more than one or two evenings a week and give your body a break the rest of the week. 
It is not always easy because of social life or sometimes you will lack strength and maybe drink a third and a fourth night... but if you are honest with yourself, it is not really helping your health nor your fitness, is it? You see it on the scale, you feel it, you are sluggish and you do feel fresher in the morning when you haven’t drunk the day before. 
If you think it is too difficult to stick to a couple of days a week, for example when you need to go to dinner with clients and the custom is to have a drink, then try to cut the number of glasses you usually would drink.

In the end, the least time your body has to spend on burning the alcohol-calories, the more time it has left to burn what you have been eating and lesser calories will be stored as fat. 
The way you try to cut the amount of alcohol you consume is entirely up to you and is something you have to decide for yourself, but 
just give it a go, try one of the options, either less frequent or fewer glasses or a combination of the two, and see what the results are after a few weeks/months.

Don’t worry, we are not preaching here. We love a glass of wine or a nice cold beer on a warm evening, but you have to be realistic, you can’t have it all... 
You can’t drink regularly and expect to get in shape. 
Nothing here is an obligation, but assuming you want to change your body and you want to make improve your physique, then it will only work if you are willing to make changes, so take it into consideration, because cutting down on your alcohol intake could have a big and rather quick result to your health as well as to feeling more active and fit.


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