Cannabis Oil (CBD) kills Cancer Cells

A bold title, and in parts has some truth, but is also in parts way too exaggerative of a statement.

But what do we really know about CBD oil?

CBD... we believe is a miracle in today’s world of over prescribed medication.
It treats [proven] many ailments and illnesses from reducing inflammation, relieving Parkinson’s, acting as an Anxiety relief, helps stabilise blood sugars in diabetics, ... just to name a few.
This ‘not so new’ product has a world of benefits.

The benefits for decades have been left for the underworld as there has been a global war on drugs. However, the reality is cannabis is a medicine not a drug.

So, is stating cannabis oil kills cancer or even helps cure cancer a crazy statement?
Well yes and no.

There have been reports in the press and in medical journals that an individual cured his lymphoma with full extract cannabis oil and a short dosage of chemotherapy. This is just one of many stories.

“Cannabis can treat cancer by selectively causing cancer cells to undergo cell apoptosis, or cell death”

The statement above is where most of the hype comes from surrounding CBD and cancer.
‘Cannabis [which CBD is a component of] can treat cancer’

So, if you take the basic science and evidence that is readily available online, there is a suggestion that CBD usage could kill cancer cells or even stop them from ever growing in the first place in some individuals.
In that case CBD should be seen as a preventative herbal source of medicine as well as a help/cure product.

It’s an interesting alternative medicine and is something that is growing rapidly around the globe, and readily available. The next 2 years will tell us its true power and then we will have more evidence and more research into the bold title “Cannabis Oil (CBD) kills Cancer Cells.”

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