Even though you’re sick now, you'll still not do this...

What’s the main goal of life? To live life and enjoy it, right?

Before we get to the thing we should be doing, let’s discuss something quickly.

What do you do before you become sick?
Are you looking at every day as a new day? Or are you going with the flow and managing it as it comes? Or do you plan religiously for the day?

Lots of questions and they have probably made you question what you do daily, but you’re still trying to work out “What’s the point”... 
Good, we wanted to put you in a state of confusion because that is what you are doing to your body.
It’s always fighting the forever changing days you have with food.
Is the food good for the body, is the food bad for the body, are you 'feeding yourself sick', are you deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, are you setting yourself up for illness without even realising?
The answer to the final question is usually yes!

Our mission, our reason for existence at Jellyfish is to live young and die old.

The only way you can Live Young is by acting wisely and fueling to be young.
The only way to Die Old is by thinking ahead and fueling to optimise health.
In both cases, you have to look after the one thing that keeps you ALIVE; your body.

So, what should you be doing? 
Eat nutrient dense foods. The next question is what are nutrient dense foods? 
The simplified answer - Foods that are natural and BRIGHT in colour. Eat an abundance of these foods daily and you will start to reduce illness. The more colour on your plate the better!

Get the right number of daily vitamins and minerals from your food. And if you still can’t reach your recommended daily allowance then and only then we would suggest looking at supplements that support the way you fuel your body.

Want to reduce stress? Eat more nutrient dense foods.

Want to reduce inflammation? Eat more nutrient dense foods.

Want to live healthier? Eat more nutrient dense foods

Want to feel fitter? Eat more nutrient dense foods

Want to be sick more regularly? Eat LESS nutrient dense foods

Stop being sick and live young.



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