Hot, Red & Painful – What Causes Inflammation?

It’s late night you sit back, have a glass of wine and you sink slowly into your seat. And, for those sacred minutes before bed you feel the pain subside, it’s bliss. 
Then it all starts again... on waking you feel it, it hurts, it’s frustrating, it’s sensitive, it’s red, it’s just simple annoying.

But what is It?

Well we all know it as 'inflammation' and it is more common than the surname Smith and Jones. 
It’s the one thing the majority of individuals complain about as it simply restricts their life.

We usually would like to have some fun talking about these subjects, because at Jellyfish we believe you should LIVE YOUNG DIE OLD, but this time we want you to know some facts. 
Facts that allow you to reduce inflammation without the need to take nasty medicines that effect your body in other ways as well.

FACT – Inflammation is part of the body's immune system

FACT – It’s our bodies natural response to an injury or blow to a joint

FACT – Sometimes inflammation persists after recovery and causes more harm than good

So, it’s good and it’s bad!
If you’re a sufferer of persistent inflammation you know the pain and frustration all too well.

So how do we reduce/remove inflammation without a visit to the Doctor?

1. Get eating those anti-inflammatory foods.

Eat like those that live in the Mediterranean. A diet rich in vegetables, fruits, fish, healthy fats [omega 3,6 and 9] and reduce/eliminate red meats, butter and processed sugars.

2. Ditch sugar fast!

Control you blood sugar levels by simply avoiding the simple sugars [effectively any white carbohydrates like white flour, sugar, syrups, white pasta, white breads,...]. This is a very basic overview but... if it’s white it’s not right.

3. Workout even though it’s the last thing you want to do.

30 to 40 minutes of anything you can do, pain free, is going to massively support a reduction in inflammation. If it’s a knee inflammation, you could go and swim using your arms with a float between your legs. If it’s an upper body inflammation, then you could walk. Either way getting 30+ minutes of exercise a day will help reduce the inflammation and will make you feel a 1000 times better about your situation.

4. Supplement your awesome new diet and exercise routine.

CBD it’s a wonder product right now and people are going crazy about it and getting amazing results from it. It’s definitely worth finding out more here.

Other amazing supplements that can hugely have a positive effect on inflammation are Krill Oils, Turmeric [more about the super turmeric here], ginger, Spirulina and lots more.

We would love for you to reduce or remove inflammation naturally before you see any doctor and take a prescribed drug, as we always say, we want you to LIVE YOUNG AND DIE OLD.

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