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Hey I’m Liesbeth,

Yes, JellyFish has a real person behind it and just like you loves life.

Why did I start JellyFish?

Firstly, I want to live young and die old. Secondly I hate rules!

JellyFish’s story started years and years ago but only came to life this year.

Why? Life got in the way, work got in the way, I got in my way. Age got in the way until I said enough was enough and focused on myself and my health. Knees started to get creaky, inflammation was happening way too much so it was time to be the best me.

If I could write down every diet or regime I’ve tried you’d be reading for hours not minutes. But luckily you never have to waste time, because I’ve done that for you and you can keep life simple, fun and enjoyable.

JellyFish is about loving yourself and loving life at the same time and breaking a few rules in the meantime.

I want you!

I want amazing women just like you to show the world that life is for living. I want to find the most inspirational women to become JellyFish Ambassadors, a JellyFish Super-Star. Together I want us to change one women at a time and give them back the life they deserve.

Want to join the team and change the world?

Contact me today


Just comment MEEEEEE x


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