Krill Oil Supplements UK and How they Can Help to Promote Heart Health

Good heart health is an important factor to consider for anyone and there are 101 things you can find online that claim that help you achieve it. Here we look at krill oil supplements and krill oil soft gels  and how they can play a big part in keeping your heart in good shape, well into old age.


Similar in nature to standard omega-3 oils, but more quickly delivered into the bloodstream due to their phospholipid qualities, krill oil soft gels  are believed to help to decrease levels of triglycerides in the body. When taken regularly, krill oil supplements can reduce the incidence of heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.


Helps to Lower Cholesterol


Krill oil supplements UK  are known to contain fatty acids similar to those found in fish oil, but much more superior, and when combined with a low-saturated-fat diet, levels of bad LDL cholesterol can be reduced significantly. Bad cholesterol is a known contributor to many types of heart issues, particularly when talking about heart attacks, so keeping your levels low is very important.


Reduces Inflammation


The nutrients found in krill oil soft gels  are also able to reduce inflammation in the body, which when left unchecked can damage blood vessels. It can also lead to damage to the heart itself and in serious cases, even strokes and heart disease. Keeping inflammation under control is key to maintaining heart health, especially when talking about people with existing heart issues.


Prevents Blood Clots


Another way that krill oil supplements UK  can provide a helping hand to the heart is by making blood platelets less ‘sticky’. When we say ‘sticky’, it’s quite a literal description of how blood vessels ‘stick’ together to form blood clots. Usually, blood clots perform a useful function in the body, by helping to stem the flow of blood when you cut yourself, but when loose in the bloodstream, they can cause untold damage.


When a blood clot reaches the heart, it can partially or completely block a coronary artery, leading to strokes and often fatal heart attacks. By taking krill oil softgels  on a daily basis, you can help to prevent these clots from forming in the first place.


Like to Try Some For Yourself?


If you’d like to try introducing krill oil soft gels  into your daily routine and enjoy the heart support that they provide, you can buy yours by visiting our website There’s lots of info regarding krill oil supplements and their many benefits on our site, so even if you’re still undecided and you’d like to know more, it’s a good place to find out more about them.


Whilst there, you’ll also find our full range of high-quality natural supplements to keep you full of life and vitality and with all the stress and strains of modern life affecting the overall health of so many these days, our supplements are able to provide a welcome boost to the system.


We appreciate that you took the time out to read our blog. Check back with us soon for more advice and guidance from the home of natural health support.

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