Release those dolphins! [sorry... we mean endorphins]

Making fun of yourself and life will make every day better! That's part of 'The JellyFish Life'.

Who would’ve known that laughing at yourself when you’re feeling down and low would cheer you up?
Who would’ve known that sniggering at life would lift your spirits and change your mood for the best?
Well you do now!

We all need to stop taking everything too seriously, because ultimately the stress we put ourselves through, the negative feelings we have take seconds, minutes, hours and days of our lives. 
Laughter and joy is FREE, yes you heard me correctly – FREE!

Now we’ll happily sell you Krill Oil, Organic Turmeric capsules and more to make your insides happy, but you can start with the free health we have for you... laughter!
Ok, science [real studies no #fakenews] suggest these 5 benefits to laughter and some you’d never know:

1. Get an Ab workout – Laughing makes you stomach muscles expand and contract, giving your ab region a workout similar to planks or crunches.

2. Lower High Blood Pressure – Reduce the chance of strokes and heart attacks with a giggle.

3. Release those dolphins - What? Sorry we mean endorphins... Endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers, which can help ease chronic pain and make you feel amazing.

4. Reduce stress - So obvious, if you’re stressed, you’ll be full of negative hormones that have a negative effect across your whole body. Stress causes anxiety and panic… So simply get the laughing chops moving and have some fun.

5. Get a workout for the heart – Laughter is a cardiovascular exercise especially for those that don’t get much exercise. Easier to laugh than to squat your body weight in the gym [hehe].

Put simply... Just laugh at yourself, laugh at life and live more.



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