Say goodbye to swollen joints – Maybe forever!

Hey, I’m Turmeric and my super power is helping decrease inflammation.

How do I do that? Well I have a chemical inside me called curcumin and also other chemicals that allow me to be a major player when it comes to treating conditions that involve inflammation.

I also have other super powers listed below. So, you could say I’m a super herb! Well... I’ll call myself that.


What’s my story? The yellow colour in Indian food, that’s me. I’ve been used for 100’s of years in India as a medicine.

Do I have a weakness? Yes and no….

My weakness is that I can only provide a little curcumin from my herb, but my super power is that as a supplement I can pack a massive curcumin punch.

And that’s why the amazing JellyFish Organic Turmeric capsules were developed!

In one capsule, they’ve packed 500mg of Turmeric ensuring you get lots and lots of curcumin, my magic chemical compound.


So here is why I call myself SUPER;

Do you suffer from hay fever? My magic chemical curcumin has shown to reduce sneezing and itchy nose and congestion in hay fever sufferers. Awesome, right?

Do you get depressed easily? Curcumin (remember my super chemical?) helps reducing depression for those using antidepressants.

Suffer from Osteoarthritis? Well, research suggests taking a turmeric supplement can reduce pain and improve functionality in joint osteoarthritis.

Get bad PMS? Research suggests taking a Turmeric supplement for 10 days from the start of the menstrual cycle can improve pain, behaviour and mood.


So, I’m a super herb with a super chemical that is here to help you to LIVE YOUNG DIE OLD!

Love Turmeric.

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