What to Look for When Buying Krill Oil Supplements UK

The health-supporting qualities of krill oil supplements and krill oil soft gels  are becoming more and more well known amongst the general public, however, whilst there are many products of this type on the market, the quality and potency can vary greatly. So, how exactly do you know that the krill oil softgels  you’re buying are the best around?


In the UK, there is a bewildering choice of krill oil supplements  available, so here we look at some of the things to look out for when doing your research. So, sit back, relax and let us point out what characteristics to keep an eye out for.


Where were the krill harvested from?


To begin with, you’ll need to do some research on whichever brand of krill oil supplements  you’re looking at. The very best krill oil on the market will be made from krill that has been harvested from Antarctic waters, meaning that they have extremely low levels of heavy metals and toxins. If the krill oil soft gels  you’re looking at weren’t created from Antarctic krill, the chances are, they’re not of the highest quality.


Are Your Krill Oil Supplements  Purified?


When you buy krill oil supplements  that aren’t purified, they’ll likely still contain trace elements of impurities and salts. The net result of this is that they’ll have a strong, fishy aftertaste that may keep repeating on you. So, for a much more pleasant krill oil experience, go for a supplement that states that it has been through a thorough purification process.


Are The Krill Sustainably Harvested?


It’s no secret that our oceans are in crisis, with fish stocks being wildly over-harvested, so it’s important to go for krill oil supplements that have an ecological conscience. Whether buying standard krill oil supplements or krill oil soft gels , look for those that have been harvested using sustainable practices that ensure that krill stocks will be protected for the long term.


How High is the Omega-3 Content?


The primary reason people take krill oil supplements is to boost their intake of omega-3 oils, so it stands to reason that when shopping for a high-quality product, you need to look for one that contains a good amount of it. What you will likely find is that if you go for a cheaper brand of krill oil soft gels , you’ll get a product that is low in Omega-3, so it’s important to go for krill oil of at least 300 mg in each capsule. Don’t be afraid of looking down the table of ingredients, as this will ensure you get a potent product.


Savvy Shopping Pays Dividends


So, there you have it, krill oil supplements UK  are great for supporting health, but even more so if you buy products that are of a higher quality and that were created using environmentally sound fishing practices. Do that and not only will you enjoy better health, but you’ll sleep well knowing that your health isn’t coming at the expense of krill stocks.


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