WHO is JellyFish AND WHY should you care?

We are straight talking, fun loving and quirky, without all the airy fairy stuff, no fluffy words, just to the point.

Everything we do at JellyFish is to help you stay young, enjoy a healthy lifestyle and get to a right old age doing it. Live young, die old” 

You want to live a healthy life, eat well, enjoy the things you do and do it for as long as you can! 
Yup...... we do too...... but have you seen what is out there?

It is incredible what a load of information and non-information you can find. You can’t see the trees through the woods anymore. 
Salt is not good, sugar needs to be avoided, fats are bad for you, don’t take too much of this, not too little of that, take it easy on the butter... 
Phew! Not easy balancing all that nice food and living a healthy lifestyle...

The thing is... We want to eat healthily, but we love life’s guilty pleasures so much too!
Who doesn’t like some sweet macarons once in a while, or a good glass of wine or a beer (or two), some lovely rich cheese, a nice dollop of butter on our slice of toast, or maybe pasta with lots of cream and bacon pieces... mmmmm...

There is so much of tasty goodness out there and don’t we just love it!

How about our waistline then?? 
We know... we’ve been there, those life-changing diets that are going to give us our super-slim selves back again. The thing with most of these diets is that they are so life-changing, you have to throw your whole life around to adapt to the new eating and exercise pattern and it feels like a second job just to keep up with it. In the end you haven’t really changed YOUR lifestyle, you adapted the lifestyle of someone else and probably won’t be able to stick to it, because it is not ‘you’.

Well, we believe you can combine it all. Having a healthy lifestyle that suits you, without having to turn your life upside down and still enjoy those guilty pleasures. We believe it is important to watch what you eat, but want to make it simpler and less invasive to your current lifestyle. 
My mom always said: ”
Everything in moderation Liz” and that’s exactly what you will find here, everything is possible, as long as you do it in a balanced and moderate way.

You are probably wondering,Why would you want to live ‘a jellyfish’ life? Why not a lion life or a dolphin life?

Well... For the very simple reason that jellyfish have the fantastic ability to regenerate themselves!
(Read all about their regeneration abilities here)

Unfortunately you can’t grow back body parts, but you can do your very best to keep your cells young.

Remember when you thought back and wished your body would feel like it did when you were in your twenties, thirties, forties...? 
Jellyfish never really grow old and always stay in their best body and this is exactly what JellyFish is about, to go back to your best body.

In light of the regeneration abilities of the jellyfish, we started looking at our own life and realized that the last years, we hadn’t been kind on our body and that we want it to look and feel again like it did a good few years ago. 
Although we are realistic that the ‘looking’ part will be tricky, we are also very aware that changing your lifestyle can do wonders to getting closer to your goal and ‘regenerating’ your cells and body to a better version.

It might seem like a mammoth task (or even a mission impossible) sometimes, but it can be done more easily than you might think. We want to help you find out for yourself what works for you. Just stick with us and find out how good it feels to get back to the best version of yourself. 
The goal is to help you to

Live Young, Die Old 

Regenate yourself with The JellyFish Life!

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