How to live The JellyFish Life?

The JellyFish Life - Tweaks for Life

Regenerate yourself with these 10 Tweaks for Life!

 Here we go! Ready to jump straight into it? 

Got your training shoes, your spandex leggings and that super breathing workout t-shirt, so you can break out a proper sweat? Just kidding... :)

What you do need is the determination to regenerate yourself and the decision that you want to make some changes.
You are probably thinking: “All good for me, but when will I find the time? Please don’t tell me to turn my life upside down, because I don’t have the time to do so!
Recognize this?

We did too, so we looked for more practical tweaks that fit into your daily life more easily and that will still do you good in the long run, to help you get to ‘a better you’ again.
(Read more about regenerating back to your best version and 'The JellyFish Life' here.)

You have to be realistic about it, daily life isn’t as active as it used to be. Our grandparents and great-grandparents used to do more physical jobs, they walked or cycled to their destinations more and didn’t eat as much rich food as we do. They had much more home cooked meals and fast food was practically non-existent.
Over the years, the scale tipped to more sedentary jobs, jumping in and out of our cars and eating richer convenience food instead of healthier home cooked food.

Reality is that you are confronted with a lot more food that isn’t all that good for you, you might have a much more sedentary lifestyle and you have to focus on so many parts of your life: work, family, kids, social life, ... Because of the busy lifestyle you are having, it can become challenging to also focus on your health and fitness.

If you tweak the things you do already for the better, you will modify your current lifestyle without having to make any major changes and without having to spend a big chunk of your time doing it.
Now this is where our daily tweaks will help you to return to that better version of yourself where you often think back on.
The trick is to make small(er) changes that will become part of your ‘new’ lifestyle in the long run. 

So without further ado, here are the JellyFish ways to tweak your life back into shape.

Go on and regenerate yourself! 

Live Young, Die Old!


You probably know this one already, but it is oh so true... It all starts in the head.

If you keep making excuses and you keep finding reasons why you can’t do something, then it will never happen. You have to take responsibility for your own mindset, because determination is probably the most important thing in life. Things will only change if you want it and when you persist. 
If you have had take away every day one week and haven’t done one bit of exercise or tweaks, then don’t give up. Be determined to persist and keep going.

It all begins in the head - JellyFish

You need to want it and with the right mindset, you will do it.

Planning will help you massively. We know, easier said than done when you have a taxing job, maybe a family and kids to take care for, or other time consuming obligations ...
Life can get hectic, but here’s the thing... If you keep saying that you don’t have time for it, then it will never happen.
You are never going to make time to make these changes and you can keep complaining about feeling sluggish and not having that strong and healthy body anymore. 
You have to decide for yourself if you want it or not, that is the first step.


Have you noticed that your are slouching in your chair or that you are walking with bent over shoulders? We did and it wasn’t a pretty sight!

Often, without realizing, we don’t have the best posture and it can make your body look even more out of shape (Yes! Even more! ;) ). It can have a bad effect on your muscles as some get weaker and others will become over-stressed and tight.

I started having neck problems last year and when going to the physiotherapist, she pointed out that I stuck my chin forward a bit and that my back had a curve at the bottom which probably caused some of my complaints. I didn’t realize it before as it became my natural posture and I didn’t think twice about it, but it did make me pay attention to how I was standing, sitting, even to how I was lying down and each time I noticed that I curved my back, just like the physio said...

If you like people-watching, you might have noticed that you see quite a few people walking around with their chin slightly sticking forward and with a hollow back, which makes their buttocks and tummy stick out more.

Maybe you recognize yourself in this and if you have a look at yourself in the mirror standing sideways, you can see that your neck leans forward a bit, your chin might stick out slightly and you have a small or bigger curve in your back, which pushes your stomach forward and makes your buttocks stick out like the picture below shows.

The JellyFish Life

If that is the case, then try this....

  • Open your shoulders and relax.
  • Tuck your chin in.  
  • Pull in your belly button
  • Tuck in your pelvis

The goal is to make your head, neck, hips and feet to be aligned. Feels a bit weird in the beginning, but keep practicing and you will see that this is not just a way to make you do all kinds of weird positions in front of the mirror, but that they actually do help! :)

You can read in more detail how to tweak your posture in the sub-tweaks below:
JellyFish Tweak 2.1: Your Shoulders
JellyFish Tweak 2.2: Your Chin
JellyFish Tweak 2.3: Your Stomach
JellyFish Tweak 2.4: Your pelvis and back

JellyFish Tweak 2.1: Your Shoulders

The JellyFish Life - shoulders

If you have noticed that you tend to lean forward with your shoulders which makes you hunch and gives you that curve at the top of your back (where your neck joins your shoulders).
Then try this...

Check if your shoulders are open, but in a nice relaxed way. Don’t go pulling your shoulders back so far that your chest is sticking forward to the extreme.
A good way to do it is to shrug your shoulders towards your ears and then gently relax and lower your shoulders while you slightly pull your shoulder blades towards each other...
Try it and you will notice a small but nice stretch in your shoulder and sometimes even in your chest muscles. On top of that, your posture will look and feel much better! You can feel that it opens your chest and makes you stand or sit taller. 

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JellyFish Tweak 2.2: Your Chin

Make sure that everything is in one line and that you have a straight posture. Look at yourself in the mirror from the side and make sure that your neck stands straight on your shoulders and that you don’t stick your chin out. This can be very subtle, but a lot of people lean their head forward a bit which gives stress in the back of your neck and can even form a small bump.

If you move your head back and tuck your chin in a bit (not too much, you don't want that double chin to appear!), you will see and feel that your neck forms a straight(er) line with your spine and that is exactly what you want to achieve.

It will make you look taller and it will relax your neck muscles, which will give you a better posture.

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JellyFish Tweak 2.3: Your Stomach

That dreaded muffin top we all despise and that is so tough to get rid of. You might think only extreme exercise will get that ‘bad boy’ to disappear, but here's another way of working towards a flat(ter) tummy.

Usually you only think of working those abdominal muscles properly when exercising. Of course they are always working in a way when you are walking, standing up from a chair, even when turning in bed, but you can do more to engage your core and make them work a bit harder without having to dive into a series of crunches.

This is how you do it... Pull your belly button towards your rib cage, that way you will engage your core actively. From now on do this with everything you do, that can be while you are standing somewhere, sitting down or walking. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, but if you remember to pull your belly button in, you will train your abs extra.
(Make sure you are still breathing though. Don’t hold your breath while doing this, you only want to pull in that belly button, not make yourself pass out...)

Add this to the daily things you do and just keep reminding yourself of it regularly. It doesn’t take much to do it, but you are engaging your core, making your abdominal muscles work and support your back and overall posture.
All small things that will make a difference in the long run.

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JellyFish Tweak 2.4: Your pelvis and back

Do you recognize the situation where you are standing somewhere waiting and you catch your own reflection in a mirror or window and you notice that your buttocks is sticking out and you are arching your back? No? Yes? Well, I did! :)

The JellyFish Life - posture

Most people have that curve a bit naturally, but if you pay attention, you will notice that you often tip your hips and pelvis backwards more than the natural curving (so technically you are sticking your buttocks out).
Another example is that you might notice that you regularly sit on a chair with your back arched, or that you are lying down in bed and your lower back doesn’t even touch the mattress.
If you recognize this, then you will definitely benefit from the following...

Tuck in your pelvis and pull your tailbone under, this will engage your abdominal muscles and improve your posture. (Sounds more complicated than it is.)
The easiest way is to lie down on a flat surface with your legs stretched out. This is when you might notice that you have a space between your back and the surface, where you can put your hand in.
If you then bend your knees to put your feet flat on the floor closer to your buttocks and you tuck your pelvis in (so lift it slightly), you will notice that your lower back will touch the surface and your back will be flat on the surface over the whole length, no more gap.
This is exactly what you want when standing up or sitting down too. You see, easy peasy... ;)
Another way is to stand in front of the mirror sideways, put your hands on your hips and tilt your pelvis forwards and backwards. You should now notice that your buttocks tucks in or sticks out each time you are tilting your pelvis. 

Although an arched back might give you those rounder curves in the back, it also pushes your stomach forward, so it actually looks like you have a bigger tummy than you would probably have if you have the right posture and tuck in your pelvis.
What you want is to tuck your buttocks in to get that straighter, taller posture.

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Unfortunately, sleep has a bit of an image problem. Some of you might think it is a waste of time and that sleeping is for lazy people, but it is everything but...

You need your sleep, it is essential to good health and being fit and strong!

No rest for the wicked - JellyFish

Adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep consistently. Sleep is really not an option, a lack of sleep can lead to all sorts of small physical and mental problems, but also bigger ones like heart disease, stroke, cancer, obesity, depression or even dementia. 
Besides that, not enough sleep often equals a lack of character and strength to resist that tempting slice of chocolate cake or that greasy burger. Shortage in sleep will make you indulge more in sugary and fatty food, your energy levels will drop and you will gain weight.

For a good quality of sleep it is important to make your surroundings darker towards the end of the evening and to keep your bedroom cool (ideally between 18°C and 21°C). Your body needs to lower its temperature to stay in a deep sleep and it will enable you to fall asleep faster.

Take care of your sleep and notice the difference in yourself and your energy levels.



You can eat anything you like! But maybe there is a place and time for everything and like my mum says: “Everything in moderation!” ... and I must admit, she is right (again)...

You always have the choice what you eat and how much of it. In this tweak we will have a look at what you can watch out for and how to make small changes to significantly improve your eating pattern.

JellyFish Tweak 4.1: Nutrients
JellyFish Tweak 4.2: Vegetables and Fruit
JellyFish Tweak 4.3: Step away from the biscuits!
JellyFish Tweak 4.4: Processed food is not all that good
JellyFish Tweak 4.5: I am soooo hungry!

JellyFish Tweak 4.1: Nutrients

Whatever you eat, always think: “What does it add to my body and health?”.

You are all smart people and know well enough what is good for you and what isn’t, it is usually more the case that you might not always consider what is best for your body and what isn’t.

Similar questions you can ask yourself before eating or drinking something are:
Is it nutritious?” or “What are the nutrients that my body will get out of this food?
If there are no beneficial nutrients in certain food, then you should probably not indulge on it too much.

To give yourself some structure and because it is just not possible nor fun to always make ‘the right choices’, you can apply the 80-20 rule. Consume nutritious food and drinks 80% of the time and only 20% of the time you allow yourself to indulge in less nutritious food and drinks.
Just keep an eye out, because it is very easy to slide into 70-30, 60-40, ... and before you know you are only making healthy choices 20% of the time and 80% of the time you are going for the "wrong" ones.

A busy lifestyle is not always easy to combine with a healthy lifestyle and even though you try to eat healthily most of the time, you might be concerned that you aren’t getting enough nutrients from your food. This is where supplements are also a great way to make sure you take in the right nutrients.

JellyFish Krill OilMaybe you don’t like fish and seafood, or you don’t eat it often enough, and you want to make sure you take in enough Omega-3, then you can top it up by taking JellyFish Krill Oil and you will have the assurance that you have enough Omega-3 in your system (and the right type too!).
Vitamin D is often a supplement people lack too, 60% of people in Europe are believed to have a vitamin D deficiency. Only to show that not all nutrients can be sufficiently deducted from just eating healthily.

That being said, although they are a great addition, supplements are no replacement for a healthy and nutritious diet, so still try to stick to healthy food choices to sustain a healthy body.

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JellyFish Tweak 4.2: Vegetables and Fruit

You are hungry and the first thing you think of is: “I wish I could eat a big mountain of lettuce now!

... or not? :)
Vegetables and fruit are not exactly the ‘go to’ food group for most people, but in the JellyFish Life, we do try to make small changes to make it part of your meals more often...

When you pick this tweak, try the following. Eat preferably half or minimum a third of every meal as vegetables or fruit. It can seem a bit daunting at first, but it is all about getting creative with it.

The JellyFish LifeStart one meal at a time and see how you can add veggies or fruit to it, until you have a third of them with every meal.
This can be as an addition to what you are already eating, or you can add it to your sandwich or whatever you are having for a meal.
Sometimes it can be tricky to include vegetables into a meal, like for example lunch or breakfast. Dinner is often an easier meal to add vegetables as we are ‘programmed’ since childhood that our warm meal has meat/fish, vegetables and something starchy like rice, pasta or potatoes. 

With lunch on the other hand, if you don’t have the option to cook a meal during lunchtime and you are not a raw salad person, then it can get tricky.

One way we deal with it at JellyFish is by making a vegetable and fruit smoothie. You can blend a banana, half a carrot, a good handful of spinach and some red berries together and it tastes great. The spinach and carrot don’t really taste through and in the meanwhile you are having two or three of your five-a-day in one go.

The JellyFish Life green smoothie
Try to play around with it and see how you feel, some people add oatmeal to their smoothies to give it that filling effect at breakfast. We also like to add Greek Style yogurt which makes it thicker and more fulfilling.
Smoothies are great and super convenient.
Some dietitians advice against it, because they say you are filling up on drinks and you don’t feel as full as when you would eat the fruit and vegetables as a whole.
Personally, we don’t completely agree with that statement, because a smoothie does fill us up and keeps our hunger pangs away for a couple of hours.
You have to see how you feel about that yourself, if you feel that you are just adding it on top of what you are eating already, then you might want to be careful because you don’t want to add too many sugars from the fruits, but if you replace it by something else you would be eating, then you will really reap the benefits of this healthy alternative.
You can look at it as a healthy snack too (for example around 10am or 4pm), rather than a meal replacement. Definitely between lunch and dinner we often feel particularly hungry and it is a great in-between snack.
It is super convenient too, you make it the evening before and just have to grab it out of the fridge in the morning and of you go!
You will always have a healthy snack with you, so you also will be less likely to buy those tempting snacks that are much less healthy or even downright unhealthy.

At dinner it is often easier to add vegetables. If you are not crazy about vegetables, then look at different ways to cook your vegetables, because we personally prefer cooked veggies over cold or raw. Play around with it, explore different ways of cooking (roasting, boiling, steaming, add some spices, herbs, soy sauce, ...), there are many ways to make them taste amazingly.
They say vegetables lose some of their nutrients because of the cooking process, but in the end... Better to eat any vegetables than none at all, right?

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JellyFish Tweak 4.3: Step away from the cookie!

Well, not completely of course! What would a JellyFish Life be without the occasional cupcake or biscuit...
Choose your moments though! (Keep the 80-20 rule in mind.)

Are you a daily cookie offender? Then you probably need to take another look at it. There are several options to lower your sugary food intake.
You can replace a few of those biscuit-moments with fruit-moments... We know, it doesn’t sound very tempting at first, but try some different types of fruit, you never know you might actually like the replacement :) One biscuit-moment at a time...
For example, you might find an apple less appealing and rather prefer a banana instead, so dive into the magical world of fruit and see which one satisfies your cravings best.

Another option is to make your own cookies, with oatmeal for example. There are a lot of healthy alternatives you can bake in the weekend and that will keep for a week, so you can have a healthy cookie, instead of the sugar loaded shop-bought cookies. (Check out our delicious and super easy banana and oatmeal cookie recipe here)

The JellyFish Life banana cookies

Go nuts! Or better, eat some nuts, they are beneficial for your body in numerous ways and keep you from snacking on sugary food. Just stick to about a small handful per portion as they can be a bit fatty, healthy fats, but still too much of them might make you add on weight instead of losing it.
On the other hand, even when you would eat more nuts than just a handful, it will always be better than processed biscuits or candy!

And... Do keep in mind that you can still have that lush slice of cake once in a while, just pick your time. For example, once a week or every two weeks, or keep your cake-moment for a special occasion or a party...
It often makes it easier to stick to less sugary alternatives in daily life, if you have something to look forward to.

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JellyFish Tweak 4.4: Processed food is not all that good

Another thing you better not over-consume if you want to get back into shape is all processed foods, they often contain much more sugar, salt, starch, ... then the snacks or meals you would make yourself.
Processed food include all food that is altered during preparation, for example in a factory or industrial bakery, this can go from granola bars to ready meals or take away and everything in between.

A busy lifestyle can sometimes make it hard to always cook everything yourself and it is not like you can’t eat processed food ever again, but try to stick to a few times and not ‘all the time’.
Remember that all ready-made food that you buy is made to last much longer than it originally would if you would cook it fresh in your own kitchen. The ingredients that third parties add to preserve the food longer or to enhance the taste are not necessarily the type of ingredients you want to consume a lot of, as they don’t add a nutritional value and they don’t do your body much good in the long run.

Start with little changes:

  • Don’t go for take-away so regularly, once a week (or better every other week) is plenty.
    It helps your tummy as well as your finances, you will save yourself money and you will feel less bloated from the fats and starchy ingredients they use.
  • Cut down on prepared meals from supermarkets or third parties.
    Just think of it like this... Beside the higher levels of salt, sugar and fats that these ready-made meals contain, when you make your own meals, there are no additives in it and it doesn’t keep for 10-14 days like the prepared meals in your supermarket.
    Your food would go moldy and yeast after a week or so, so do consider that they add all sorts of ingredients to make it look fresh and to avoid it from going off. These additives are not considered to be very healthy on a regular basis, so if you can, don’t go for these ready-made meals too many times either.
    By the way, they are always too small of a portion anyway! ;)

    The JellyFish Life ready meal
    If you really need to buy ready-meals because you have absolutely no time to cook yourself, then try to buy them from a local butcher or a caterer as they are less likely to have all the additives in them to preserve the food. Although they can still have much more fats, sugar and salt than you need, it will usually be a healthier option than the supermarket. 
  • The best way to avoid these processed foods is to make your own!
    I know it can be a chore sometimes... but it is oh so beneficial to your health. 
    Cooking your meals yourself is the way to go if you want to give your body a proper health boost. 
    You can go a long way with a simple piece of chicken or fish, some rice, pasta or potatoes and a bunch of vegetables. It doesn’t have to be ‘haute cuisine’ or a recipe with 20 different ingredients, there are so many dishes that you can prepare with a minimal amount of ingredients. In the end, the most important thing is taste and having a good variety of protein, vegetables, grains, fruit, some dairy and healthy fats.
    Usually, the more colourful your plate looks, the better (and with colourful, we don’t mean Fruit Loops :) ).
    The JellyFish Life fruit loop
    Even frozen vegetables might work for you. We often prefer fresh veggies, but some of the frozen vegetables really work well in a stew or curry, or you can cook vegetables over the weekend and keep them in the fridge for the week to come, most vegetables do reheat rather well. Another option is that you don’t cook them yet, but cut them already, so you don’t have to do the prep work after a day’s work and they are ready to cook when you need them.
    A lot of supermarkets also have a big variety of fresh, pre-cut vegetables, they are ready to cook and can go straight into your meals without any preparation.

    If you plan your meals, you can make it so much easier on yourself to stick to healthy home-cooked meals. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just keep it simple... and tasty of course ;)
    You don’t have to be a master chef to prepare simple but tasty meals, there are plenty of cook books out there that give you easy to cook recipes without needing a bunch of prep work or lots of ingredients. (We will also be adding easy and tasty recipes to our blog, so keep an eye out!)
    The JellyFish Life inner chef
    So go on and release your inner chef!
  • Last but not least... Avoid sauces! 
    Most sauces have something ‘too much’ in it, this can be too much sugar, too much cream, too much fats, ...
    Sauces are the best way to become overweight and out of shape easily and quickly.
    A lot of people want some sauce with each meal to make their food more moist, but it is a major fattener.
    Alternatively, try to make your own sauces from Greek yogurt or with stock and vegetables, instead of sauces with cream and loads of butter.

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JellyFish Tweak 4.5: I am soooo hungry!

The JellyFish Life hungry

You know how it goes, you come home starving and you prepare food, enough for a whole army! Once it is ready, you pile up your plate and satisfy that hunger... Lovely!

Been there done that, but this is actually where it all goes wrong. When you let yourself get too hungry, you will often overeat and you will feel stuffed and bloated after your meal as a result.
When you eat too much, you will eat more calories than you actually need and your body won’t be able to work off the calories and the weight adds on...

So here are some ways to avoid overeating and controlling the portions and amount of calories your body absorbs:

  • A way to not overeat in the evening (or at any given moment) is to eat more regularly throughout the day. It is crucial that you eat on a regular basis, preferably 3-5 times a day: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner.
    This is the main reason you eat too much, because you starve yourself and you want to eat the whole fridge by the time you come home. If you eat more regularly, you will automatically feel more satisfied and eat less big portions each meal.

    We know, time is not always on your side and sometimes you skip a meal or snack. We completely understand this, but do try to keep it to a minimum, because skipping meals will result in overeating every time and it will become really difficult to get back into shape.
  • You can have it all... but do have it in moderation! If you find it difficult to know what a good portion size is and you don’t like weighing everything, then you can use this old rule. It says that when you make a fist, your fist shows the size of a portion of food.
    So for meat, fish and starchy foods like pasta, rice and potatoes, you use one fist and for vegetables two (or more). Obviously this is a very loose rule and no exact science at all, but it can give you an idea of how much space food should take on your plate.
    If you are weighing your food. For pasta this often means about 80-100 grams per person, for potatoes you are looking at 100-190g and for rice you have a decent portion when you weigh about 75g.
    There are different views on how much meat you should eat, but it is advised to stay between 125g and 200g per person when you cook meat or fish. Usually anything that comes in a package will give you an indication of what the size of one serving is. 
    You are the only judge of your portion sizes and you can easily cheat by making portions bigger, but who wins with that?!

    If you feel that you don’t have enough with these portion sizes, then try adding more vegetables to your meals. Vegetables like peas, mushrooms, a bit of onion can make all the difference to feeling full or still feeling peckish after a meal and they can add great taste to different styles of dishes.
    Herbs, spices and garlic can also give you a more satisfied feeling after finishing a meal.
  • Snack right. As mentioned under ‘Vegetables and Fruit’, it is always good to snack on veggies or fruit and if you are not a big vegetable or fruit eater, then try some of the amazing smoothies out there. They are easy to prepare the evening before and you just need to grab them out of the fridge in the morning on your way to work or when going out with the kids.

    Other good snacks are Greek (style) yogurt, nuts, fresh veggie soup, homemade oatmeal cookies (or if necessary, shop bought, some might be ok, but read what is in it before you start munching on them, they could be loaded with sugar).
    Be creative, think outside the box, there are plenty of convenient and healthy options out there.

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JellyFish Tweak 5.1: Drop the sugary drinks!

A cliché, we know. Generally we don’t like to say that you have to cut something out of your diet, as 'The JellyFish Life' is all about being able to enjoy all the good things in life, but when it comes to sugary drinks, it has to be said. Leave them...! They are really bad for you.
You are just drinking extra sugar and adding empty calories. Drinking sugary drinks can easily double your calorie intake and the sugar will only make you sluggish in the long run.
Remember, not only coke or lemonades are sugary, but also a lot of fruit juices are loaded with extra sugars, so stay away from them if you can!

So what should you drink?
It doesn’t sound super exciting and you were probably not waiting for this one, but if you can, stick to water. Still or sparkling water, fruit infused water, or if nothing else is at hand buy fruit water from the shop, but without any added sugars.

The JellyFish Life Fruit water

Water is key to losing weight and getting into shape again, it flushes away all the toxins in your body and keeps it nicely refreshed and hydrated.
The human body is made up of 60% water and needs it to function, but because of sweating, weeing and tears, your body loses part of that much needed water and you need to replenish it to stay healthy.
Another added benefit of drinking lots of water is that it makes your skin glow. It helps your skin to stay more elastic, so those wrinkles will show less easily and less quickly.

It is advised to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of fluids a day (approximately 1.2 liters), but some studies advise to drink 2 to 3 liters. So anything from 1.2 liters and upwards is good for your body, just don’t go too crazy and don’t drink a liter in one go, because then your kidneys could struggle in processing the water and you could be harming your body instead of helping it.
With fluids they don’t just mean water, but different types of fluids. The main one being water, but also tea, coffee, fruit juice,...
Just be careful with too much coffee and tea as it isn’t advised to have too much caffeine in a day and other fluids often contain sugars so watch out not to add extra calories to your diet.

A good guide to see if you drink enough is the colour of your wee. Not exactly something you talk about over dinner, but just keep an eye out in the loo if your wee is dark or light.
If it has a light straw colour to transparent yellow, then you are doing well, if it is darker, you might want to up your daily fluids intake.
Just remember that water should always be your number one ‘go to’ drink.

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JellyFish Tweak 5.2: A glass a day keeps the doctor away!

Wrong? Or not completely...
A nice glass of wine or a cool beer... Who doesn’t love a nice aperitif or a nice tipple after work to unwind?

There are so many different opinions and different studies about the effects of alcohol, the amount and the frequency, so it is not easy to see the wood through the trees.
Some say we shouldn’t consume alcohol at all, others say a glass a day is the way to good health.
The JellyFish Life is all about regenerating yourself in a moderate and consistent way and although this is not the easiest tweak to look into, we do have a number of tips for you...

Did you know that a glass of alcohol has the same calorie count as a slice of cake?

The JellyFish Life cake v wine
So if you think of that next glass of wine as if you are munching on a slice of cake each time, it puts things in a different perspective.
Next to the sugars you add when drinking alcohol, there is another catch about consuming alcohol. 

As it happens, your body can’t store calories from alcohol for later like it does with food, so when you drink your favourite tipple, your metabolic system will focus on burning the alcohol-calories and the calories of your last meal will be stored away in your body and will be turned into fat. You technically put your body on ‘pause’ as it has to burn alcohol first over anything else you digest.
Therefore it is not only the sugar in alcohol that can make you gain weight, but it will also make your body less efficient as it won’t burn the amount of calories as it would without the alcohol.

Now, without being a spoilsport and with ‘The JellyFish Life’ in mind, you don’t want to deny yourself the enjoyment of having a glass here and there, but it might be good to think about how many times you actually drink alcohol and to try and cut the frequency and/or the amount you consume.

For example, what you can try is to drink no more than one or two evenings a week and give your body a break the rest of the week.
It is not always easy because of social life or sometimes you will lack strength and maybe drink a third and a fourth night... but if you are honest with yourself, it is not really helping your health nor your fitness, is it? You see it on the scale, you feel it, you are sluggish and you do feel fresher in the morning when you haven’t drunk the day before.
If you think it is too difficult to stick to a couple of days a week, for example when you need to go to dinner with clients and the custom is to have a drink, then try to cut the number of glasses you usually would drink.

In the end, the less time your body has to spend on burning the alcohol-calories, the more time it has left to burn what you have been eating and lesser calories will be stored as fat.
The way you try to cut the amount of alcohol you consume is entirely up to you and is something you have to decide for yourself, but just give it a go, try one of the options, either less frequent or fewer glasses or a combination of the two, and see what the results are after a few weeks/months.

Don’t worry, we are not preaching here. We love a glass of wine or a nice cold beer on a warm evening, but you have to be realistic, you can’t have it all... You can’t drink regularly and expect to get in shape.
Nothing here is an obligation, but assuming you want to change your body and you want to improve your physique, then it will only work if you are willing to make changes, so take it into consideration, because cutting down on your alcohol intake could have a big and rather quick result to your health as well as to feeling more active and fit.

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If you can’t be honest with yourself, it will NEVER work. 
Anyone can fool themselves, but you won’t help yourself doing that and it will only lead to more disappointment.
Be real about it!

The JellyFish Life - Be Real, Be You.

Sometimes it helps to involve other people and tell them about your ‘only once a week cake’ rule, so they can take it into consideration or you can do it together with a friend or partner for extra support, so they can help you stay honest.
They can’t babysit you though, so in the end you will need to stay honest with yourself.


Regeneration is done from the inside out. This happens through the food you eat, the drinks you drink and the way you stay active and keep doing the effort to become or stay fit.

Let’s have a look at the JellyFish tweaks that will help your body to become strong(er) again.
JellyFish Tweak 7.1: Even the smallest bits of exercise will help
JellyFish Tweak 7.2: Make it your own! Adapt your routine.
JellyFish Tweak 7.3: ... and I would walk 500 miles...
JellyFish Tweak 7.4: Feel the burn!

JellyFish Tweak 7.1: Even the smallest bits of exercise will help

No time to waste! No time to exercise! 

The JellyFish Life metabolism

There is no doubt, the number one way to boost your metabolism is to be active, but life IS busy and you don’t have time to go to the gym three times a week to stay fit, we get it.

Therefore at JellyFish we like to look at it a bit differently, instead of spending a good few hours a week in the gym, you can manage your exercise-moments in smaller bites around your daily life
For example, if you would spend three hours a week in the gym (or you would like to), you can now divide that amount of time over seven days. That way, you are left with about 25 minutes per day, which makes it much more digestible and manageable to suit your hectic schedule. 
If you work out 15-25 minutes a day and you train a different muscle group each time, you still work on staying or getting fit without having to allocate a huge part of your day to it and having to throw your life upside down.

Now you probably think we are going to present you with a super hard workout schedule to squeeze in those 15 minutes, but at JellyFish we believe in a lifetime of maintaining fitness and health, not in a short-burst heavy exercise program. 
There are programs out there like HIIT training and other high intensity training programs, but we are not crazy about them. They are probably great if you like that type of exercises, but pushing as many burpees, jumping jacks, sumo squats, ... in one minute is just not for us... and maybe not for you either?

It’s not about being lazy or anything like that, but the high intensity - fast paced exercises are just not our thing. You might have a few old injuries like a dodgy knee or a weak ankle or shoulder and all that jumping does feel a bit much for you. 
Maybe you are just a calmer type of person, you can be very active in life in general, but when it comes to sports, you are just not the ‘burst-out-high-intensity’-training kind of person. Therefore, like we do at JellyFish, you can try to find other ways to get yourself into shape or to keep yourself fit.

The goal is not to become ‘Bodybuilder of the Year’, but rather to feel healthy, fit and strong again. Not feeling fit and strong can cause you to feel insecure about your body and limit you in doing what you want to do in life and that shouldn’t be the case.

Now, how best to spend your 15 minutes of exercise a day?

  • You have to find a way of exercising that you prefer, don’t go for what is in fashion or the latest fad. Find what you like and what you can stick to.
    You can switch up your exercises to keep it fun, but you have to be consistent and exercise on a regular basis. It is key to do some exercise even if it is only 10 minutes a day or 20 minutes every other day, you need to stick to a certain pattern, because that will be key to strengthening your body. Each time you will build on top what you have built up during your previous exercises, instead of slacking off and letting your previous work go to waste. 
    If you do it consistently, you won’t have to start from scratch each time again. 
  • Early to bed, early to rise makes a (wo)man healthy, wealthy and wise. 
    If you are able to squeeze in 15 minutes of exercise in the morning, do it!

    The JellyFish Life morning
    It will really boost your day, you will feel good about yourself and you will feel empowered to continue the rest of your day. That's a promise!
    You will also notice that if you leave it for later on the day, you will probably lose motivation throughout the day and you will find a million and one reasons to skip your exercise-moment at the end of the day.
    (We can assure you, we know a few of excuses ourselves!)

    Obviously, it isn’t always easy to fit in exercise in the morning as a lot of people need to get up very early for work or to get the kids ready for school, but if you can, try to get up 10-15 minutes before your hectic day starts and fit in a small “workout”.
    This can be all sorts of exercise. There are so many things you can do in 15 minutes, no matter if it is before you start your day, or at the end of the day right before you fall in the sofa to watch your favourite program on television and unwind from your busy day. 

    If you are not a morning person and don't feel much for exercise in the morning, you can stick to calmer ways of exercise like yoga or doing a plank as long as you can and repeat that three times, or do some repetitions of simple exercises, like 10 push-ups, 20 sit-ups, 15 squats and repeat this 2 or 3 times.
    The JellyFish Life plank
    Crucial in all this is though that you have to want it! Without the right intentions from you, nothing will get done and nothing will change. It all starts with you being in the right mindset.

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JellyFish Tweak 7.2: Make it your own! Adapt your routine.

There are many different ways to incorporate exercise in your regular routine without having to do intensive workouts or make extra time for it.
Start with the one below that you think will be the easiest one and once you do it automatically and don't even have to think about it, then you can add another one. Here goes:

  • Pull your bellybutton in (keep breathing!). As mentioned in Tweak 2.3: Your Stomach, this is a great way to engage your core and give those abs an extra workout. 
  • Squeeze your buttocks when you are sitting on a chair or standing in a queue waiting. 
    You can squeeze your butt cheeks together or sing a song in your head and alternate squeezing your cheeks to the rhythm of your song as if you are shaking maracas. (Bit out there, but definitely fun :) ) 
  • The next one is a cliché, but it does help... Take the stairs as much as possible.

    The JellyFish Life stairs
     know, taking the lift can be so tempting and convenient, but stairs are really good for your legs, buttocks and heart, so make a habit of it and without too much effort you are working on your physique. 
  • Check your posture regularly. No matter if you're sitting down, walking or standing somewhere, check if you have a good posture. So often we are slouching: you might have your shoulders bent forward and your back hunched, or you are sitting or walking with a hollow back. Have a look at the second tweak to see how you can improve it.
    If you make yourself aware of how you are sitting, standing or walking, it can make all the difference. 
  • Walk walk walk! Have a look at our next tweak and see how you can easily up your walking game.

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JellyFish Tweak 7.3: ... and I would walk 500 miles...

... or maybe not? :)
Seriously though, you need to walk more. Often time is a bit of a problem, but if you walk an extra 10 minutes every day, you will walk an extra 70 minutes a week and not even notice it.

You can do this at any time or in any way you want, but here are some of our tips to up your walking:

  • Park your car a bit further away from your destination, so you have to walk a little bit more. 
    Quite often it is even a bit cheaper, because the closer you get to a city center or high street the more expensive the parking rate is, so double win! 
    At the supermarket for example you can park your car a bit further from the entrance and besides the fact that you will walk a little extra, it is often less crowded and you will find a parking space easier, plus it only takes a few minutes extra, so it won’t take a big chunk out of your day.
  • Take a 10-15 minutes stroll during your lunch break, it will do wonders over time. You are breaking the pattern of sitting down all day and on top of that, the fresh air helps to relieve stress which will do your body and mind the world of good. 
  • If you have a dog, take him or her out for an extra 10 minutes on top of their usual daily walk. Again, you will add an extra 70 minutes of walking to your week and not even notice it. Plus, your pooch will even love you more for it!

You will see that once you are out, you will want to walk even more. 

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JellyFish Tweak 7.4: Feel the burn!

We talked about exercising a bit before and mentioned that you have to find what works for you, but if you do find some time and you are open to trying something new (or rekindle with it), do weights

The JellyFish Life weights

Weight training is a great way to get the fire burning in your muscles, burn fat and make it last.

You are probably thinking. “Wait a minute, I am not a body builder...” Well, me neither!

Be assured, you have to lift A LOT and every day all day to become like a body builder and you will have to have a super tight diet on top of that (not one with the occasional glass of wine ;) )

Why weight lifting?
With running for example, runners use the same muscles every time and although they build good stamina and endurance, the muscles they don’t use for running will lose strength and their body will become weaker in places. Certain muscles get conditioned and you lose muscle mass in other places. 
The good thing with weight lifting is that you can train different muscle groups and your muscles are being challenged to become stronger. 

So why suggest weight training, of all ways of exercising? Simple, it’s the after burn that makes the difference! 
The trick is to challenge your muscles. Don’t go for the heaviest weights (you don't want to hurt yourself), but not the lightest either. You want to make it hard on your muscles, so they will start to burn after a few reps. 

It is the burn that will give you lasting benefits. Your muscles will burn longer than just during the exercise, the weight training has an after-effect that will keep burning calories and fat even after you stopped training. 
On top of that it will make your bones stronger too. Stronger muscles and bones will improve your posture and help keep your body in balance.

You will burn the fat and replace it with lean body mass and so increase your metabolism as larger muscles will burn more calories and more fat. 
It is a virtuous circle, you build stronger and larger muscles and they burn more calories and fat, even when you are resting...
The more muscle mass you have the more calories can be burned and the less likely they will be stored as fat. Ain’t that great!

Another positive is that you don’t need a home gym or subscribe to a gym to start with weights.

The JellyFish Life weights
You don’t need excessive equipment and you don’t need a lot of time to squeeze in a few series every day, just buy yourself some loose weights or some dumbbells and you can get started. 
Ideal for a JellyFish Lifestyle!

If you have doubts your current physical condition is up for weight training, then do ask your GP first and make sure to inform yourself via a reputable source or to ask a trainer on how to do it best, so you are well informed and don’t hurt yourself because of a bad technique. It is very important to lift the right way and with a good posture to avoid injury.

Just give it a go!

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Doing something once and then never again isn’t going to make a lifelong difference. 
Whatever tweak you choose, stick to it and do it consistently. Not just once or twice, but every day or every week.

The JellyFish Life consitency

You can only build new habits and a healthier lifestyle if you are consistent and stick to it.


Recognize this? 
Starting a new fitness regime or a new diet... Those good intentions or New Year’s resolutions you have made... and a month later they seem to be a vague memory already. 

You want to find a good program that works for you to get you back into shape and then you expect results within a month (if not weeks). You really should cut yourself some slack. 

Along the way we can get disappointed when we have a weak moment and drop a few stitches. 
You had that piece of pie, that lush slice of cake, you had that extra cream in your mushroom sauce, or that little chocolate with your coffee... 
Don’t stress about it, it’s not a big problem, just pick yourself up and move on. Just don’t wait until tomorrow, next week or “I’ll start again on Monday”... 
Pick up were you left off before you had a little cheat (and enjoyed it!), but make sure you don’t indulge all the time, every day, as in morning, noon and evening.

The JellyFish Life cut some slack

Put some rules in place, like only drinking on a Friday evening, or only have a piece of cake once a week, ... See when you want to have it. Is there a party or a special occasion, then keep your exception/rule for then, but just put some measures in place, so you can stick to your good intentions and won't be disappointed when you treat yourself.
Giving yourself a treat once in a while will also avoid that you will be craving things even more and you don’t deny yourself all the nice things you want.

If you don’t, it WILL go wrong at some point and you will have another program lying around that you started but didn’t finish. As a result you will feel bad about yourself because you started something that you didn’t finish. 
Believe me, we have all been there, so many programs we have bought into in the past... (and we have the dvds and downloads to prove it :) ).

That’s how we live The JellyFish Life, slowly, but surely. Adapt and regenerate yourself at your own pace, but make sure you make little significant tweaks at a time and don’t just do nothing. 
 You have the time, so don’t rush yourself into another extreme, you don’t have to get to your goal tomorrow. Even though it would be nice, it is not realistic.

Sometimes life doesn’t allow you to stick to the program, but don’t give up and don’t postpone.
Cut yourself some slack and take one step at a time.

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The JellyFish Life start

Now is the time to get started! Choose only a few tweaks at a time and start with the ones you think you can adapt the easiest and go from there. After you got used to the first ones, you add another one and another... you get the drift.

It is probably better not to try them all at once as it will feel like an over-consuming chore again and you are more likely to give up on it. If you feel like you can manage, then please do take on more, no one will hold you back! 
Often though, you will find that if you change too much at once about your daily routine, you are more likely to give up on it as it is more difficult to sustain, together with everything else you need to juggle during the day. Take one step at a time and go from there.

You will notice that the more tweaks you will start to implement, the more you will feel that you want it and that you want to make the effort to achieve that stronger ‘you’ again and even want to make some extra time for it. 
In the end you only have one body and it has to last a lifetime and hopefully it does last a long time and that is what we are here to do, ‘Live young, die old’.

So if you really want to regenerate yourself, here is a summary of the steps you can take:  

JellyFish Tweak Nº1: It all starts in the head

JellyFish Tweak Nº2: Overall posture is the easiest way

JellyFish Tweak 2.1: Your Shoulders

JellyFish Tweak 2.2: Your Chin

JellyFish Tweak 2.3: Your Stomach

JellyFish Tweak 2.4: Your pelvis and back

JellyFish Tweak Nº3: No rest for the wicked!

JellyFish Tweak Nº4: To eat or not to eat...

JellyFish Tweak 4.1: Nutrients

JellyFish Tweak 4.2: Vegetables and Fruit

JellyFish Tweak 4.3: Step away from the cookie!

JellyFish Tweak 4.4: Processed food are not all that

JellyFish Tweak 4.5: I am soooo hungry!

JellyFish Tweak Nº5: Thirsty?

JellyFish Tweak 5.1: Drop the sugary drinks!

JellyFish Tweak 5.2: A glass a day keeps the doctor away!

JellyFish Tweak Nº6: Honesty is key!

JellyFish Tweak Nº7: Get a move on, boost that metabolism!

JellyFish Tweak 7.1: Even the smallest bits of exercise will help

JellyFish Tweak 7.2: Make it your own! Adapt your routine.

JellyFish Tweak 7.3: ... and I would walk 500 miles...

JellyFish Tweak 7.4: Feel the burn!

JellyFish Tweak Nº8: Consistency Consistency Consistency

JellyFish Tweak Nº9: Cut yourself some slack

JellyFish Tweak Nº10: Get started! :)

Live young, Die old!

Regenerate Yourself With The JellyFish Life!


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