Two remarkable recoveries after a car crash because of Omega-3

They thought they would lose their sons after suffering such severe brain injuries that they wouldn’t recover from the damage to their brains, but then the incredible power of Omega-3 kicked in...

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You don’t have to take our word for it, there are different cases where Omega-3 improves people’s health in a huge way.

These are two separate stories, published by CNN, of two young men who were in a car crash and whose lives were saved by Omega-3.

The story of Bobby Ghassemi tells us how he got thrown from his car at high speed, got airlifted to the hospital and of whom the doctor said he was technically dead as he had a Glasgow coma score of 3.

Ghassemi's brain was so engorged, doctors needed to relieve the pressure by taking out a portion of his skull. He also had what is called diffuse axonal injury: bleeding that suffused nearly every part of his brain.

"His doctor said to me, 'Listen, he has survived. It is a miracle that he lived, that he made it,' " Marjan Ghassemi said. " 'If he comes out of the coma ... I don't know if he's going to be a vegetable for the rest of his life or whether he'll remember anybody.' "

After his father talked to his friend Lewis, who is an Army Colonel and Doctor, his friend proposed to use Omega-3 for Bobby’s brain injuries. He knew about a man who was in a mining accident and recovered from his coma and brain injuries because of high doses of omega-3.

Bobby’s parents would have tried anything at that point, so they went for it.

"Every minute passing was hurting my son ... because they weren't really doing anything to help him besides keeping him alive and stabilizing all of his vital signs," he said. "If there was a chance to improve, I wanted it to be done right then."

The doctors said there was little that could be done to hold back the inflammation and cell death occuring in his brain, but as it wouldn’t harm Bobby and they couldn’t do much else than keep him alive, they were willing to give it a go and started to give him high doses of fish oil.

"The concept was then trying to rebuild his brain with what it was made from when he was an embryo in his mother's womb," Dr. Bailes said.

"We have strong data that suggest omega-3 will activate good proteins to cope with brain damage and turn off proteins that cause neuroinflammation," said Dr. Nicolas Bazan, director of the Neuroscience Center of Excellence at LSU Health in New Orleans and author of the study.

And besides that, according to Bailes and Lewis, fish oil may be the only solution for brain damage that continues after a traumatic brain injury patient has been stabilized.

Two weeks after they started the treatment, Bobby started to wake up from his coma, with hand and leg movements around the fifth and sixth week. Soon after this, he started recognizing his family and his dog as well as colours and number. Slowly but surely Bobby recovered from his brain injury and is believed that the high doses of omega-3 have been the main factor in this.

Bobby’s father said: "His brain was damaged, and this was food for the brain."

Only three months after the accident, Bobby was able to attend his high school graduation.

"The whole place was cheering for me, and they all stood up and were screaming and cheering my name," Ghassemi, now 20, recalls with a smile. "I took my graduation cap off and waved it around."

Obviously he still had a long way to go after this, but he was definitely so much better than the doctors ever thought he would be after the reports showed a Glasgow Coma Score of 3.

He still has significant left-side weakness and is relearning how to walk, but his progress has been tremendous, according to Lewis.

It’s amazing how what the human body can do if it is treated right and gets the right nutrients.

A similar story happened to Grant Virgin, whose parents heard of the story of Bobby. Grant was struck by a hit-and-run driver and left for dead. Doctors didn’t give him any chance, in fact, they advised his parents to let their son go.

His father heard commotion nearby and knew he went for a walk, so he went to look what happened and gestured a medic.

"I called him over and I said, 'My son was walking over this way,' and he said, 'Describe him,'" said John. "I said, 'Well, he's 6 feet tall and has hair color just like mine,' and then he pointed at Bryce and said, '...and looks just like him.'"

John looked down at the area that had been cordoned-off -- the pavement covered with blood -- and his heart sank.

"At that point you realize your worst fear," he said. "I knew it was grave."  

Grant had a long list of injuries: a torn aorta, a traumatic brain injury (including skull fractures and bleeding in the brain), several bone fractures and spinal fracture.

When his family arrived at the hospital they got the news that from the doctor that he didn’t expect Grant to make it through the night.

Although the doctors advised them to let him go, they refused to give up on him and were determined to do everything possible to try and save his live.

They tried giving him high doses of Omega-3 too, just like with Bobby and Grant’s family believes that this dramatically changed his life course and healed his brain injuries.

Grant’s mom contacted the foremost Omega-3 expert, Dr. Barry Sears, who consulted on the case with the miner who got a high dose of fish oil for his traumatic brain injuries in 2006 and recovered.

The fatty acid that Sears says can effectively "turn off" that inflammatory fire is a metabolite (what remains after the body breaks something down) of eicosapentaenoic acid, or EPA, called resolvin.

This EPA is what you can find in fish oil, but in even stronger doses in krill oil.

"What we think is happening is, high levels of EPA coursing in the brain metabolize into resolvins, turning down and turning off inflammatory process," said Sears.

48 hours after receiving high doses of fish oil, Grant asked a nurse to use her mobile phone and called his mom.

"I get this call like midnight, and I'm asleep, and I wake up the next morning and go, 'Did Grant call me and did we have this whole conversation?'" she said. "I just remember waking up the next morning going, 'I must have dreamed that, that couldn't have possibly happened."

When she arrived to the hospital the next morning, a nurse told her that, in fact, it had not been a dream.

"Unbelievable," she said. "Unbelievable."

Unbelievable, especially considering that was only two months after Grant Virgin's parents had been told to "let him go."

"We had been told he'd never be able to recognize anybody, he will never be able to focus his eyes, all the grim stuff," said John Virgin. "(They said) the diffuse damage to his brain is so much that he's never going to be Grant again."

Today, 16 months after the accident, none of that is true. In fact, his parents say he is even better than he was when he made that call to his mother.

"We're not expecting Grant to get close to where he was before, he's going to be better than he was before," said his father. "And he's progressing every day."

Amazing, isn’t it?

Three people who had massive brain injuries recovered months after taking Omega-3. Surely the miner McCloy and the two boys, Bobby and Grant, have a lot to say for the effects of Omega-3.

Next to these three cases, they have repeated this high dose method another five times with different people with brain injuries after an accident and they all came back on top...
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