Why the 'jellyfish' life?

You are probably wondering, “Why would you want to live ‘a jellyfish’ life? Why not a lion life or a dolphin life?

Well... For the very simple reason that jellyfish have the fantastic ability to regenerate themselves!

The JellyFish Life

Imagine! To be able to regenerate the parts of you that don’t function well or need “repairing”, what an amazing trick that would be :)

Jellyfish have the amazing ability of regeneration, they can self-repair or regenerate themselves when they have lost tentacles for example. They are often attacked by predators and when they have a chunk eaten out of them and they are physically out of balance, they can make themselves symmetrical again by rearranging the remaining tentacles or by regenerating their cells and forming new tissue.

Before you get all envious and want to be ‘just’ like a jellyfish... They usually don’t grow much older than 12-18 months, they hardly weigh up to 2 kg (4.4lbs), they can reach a 'top' speed in the water of only 8 km/h (5 mi/h) and they don’t have a brain, a heart, bones, blood or eyes...

I guess you can’t have it all! :)

So why 'The JellyFish Life' 

If we can learn one thing from jellyfish, it is that no matter which species, they are all experts at staying alive and that is what we want to be too!
Unfortunately you can’t grow back body parts, but you can do your very best to keep your cells young.

Remember when you thought back and wished your body would feel like it did when you were in your twenties, thirties, forties...?
Indeed... Jellyfish never really grow old and always stay in their best body and this is exactly what JellyFish is about, to go back to your best body.

In light of the regeneration abilities of the jellyfish, we started looking at our own life and realized that the last years, we hadn’t been kind on our body and that we want it to look and feel again like it did a good few years ago.
Although we are realistic that the ‘looking’ part will be tricky, we are also very aware that changing your lifestyle can do wonders to getting closer to your goal and ‘regenerating’ your cells and body to a better version.

It might seem like a mammoth task (or even a mission impossible) sometimes, but it can be done more easily than you might think. We want to help you find out for yourself what works for you. Just stick with us and find out how good it feels to get back to the best version of yourself. 
The goal is to help you to:

Live Young, Die Old

Regenate yourself with The JellyFish Life!

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Did You Know... ?

Next to the regeneration abilities of jellyfish, there is a particular species of jellyfish that scientists call ‘The immortal Jellyfish’ (or Turritopsis Dohrnii).

The JellyFish Life
They are no bigger than your pinky nail, but these jellyfish are like the Benjamin Button of the sea. They can age backwards and are technically immortal, if they don’t get eaten, ill or wash up on the beach... They just can’t die from natural causes.

Once they have grown out to an adult jellyfish (aka the medusa phase), they will reproduce and after that they return back to their polyp stage, a baby jellyfish with a smaller blob-like body without tentacles. Then they will start their cycle again at the bottom of the ocean to grow back to the medusa phase and they can do this over and over again, so the only way for them to die is when they are in the polyp stage and they get eaten by another fish or get ill. How about that!
Sounds rather great doesn’t it! (Except for the part where they can get eaten each time they turn back to their polyp stage... minor inconvenience :) )

Generally jellyfish just live a regular life where they are born, grow up and die the old-fashioned way. Usually they don’t use the ability to regenerate, unless they are submitted to starvation, physical damage, or when other crises occurs. Instead of dying, they transform all their cells and regenerate, so they stay strong and young. Just amazing!